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For the last two decades, European countries have faced unprecedented structural changes due to digitalisation, automation; the internationalisation of the workforce; and the transition towards a green economy. How national and EU-level interventions will mediate the effects of these transformations will profoundly impact the future of European citizens, the economy, and political stability. TransEuroWorkS’ multi-level, comparative, and multi-method strategy for scientific and social impact is driven by an understanding that social protection must be sustainable, inclusive, and mobile to address the complex and interlocking transformations of the near future. The project examines eight policy areas: unemployment, sickness, old-age insurances, retraining, work-life balance, family and care policies, gender equality, foreign labour recruitment and freedom of movement, combining conventional protection policies with the more contemporary social investment approaches. Through research in 27 EU-member states and 2 non-EU countries, we address 5 levels relevant to the transforming world of work and social protection: individuals, households, workplaces, countries and the EU. TransEuroWorkS centres attention on social diversity, including gender, ethnicity, education, employment type, age, and household composition in its methodology. The mixed-methods design of the project, including an original survey on public opinion, survey and field experiments, and interviews with company managers and policymakers, will bring new knowledge on the analysis of existing policies and necessary adjustment measures. TransEuroWorkS will co-design research tools with social stakeholders, engage in policy feedback loops with EU and national policymakers, co-produce innovations and solicit feedback from citizens. Thus, TransEuroWorkS is formulated to bring research with the greatest potential social impact to support Europe’s residents and a more cohesive, equal, inclusive, and green future.

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