CEPS Project

European Union’s bilateral relations with China


The Mission of the Peopleʼs Republic of China to the EU provided funds to CEPS in the framework of a number of anticipated activities, structured around the general topic of the European Unionʼs bilateral relations with China. With the aim of building a strategic and trusting cooperation between each other, CEPS provided a platform for exchange of independent research on China-EU relations to help growing economic relations in the following ways:

• Briefings: offering CEPS organised 3 individual briefings per year on senior level to the Mission and its visiting delegations

• Cooperation in China: CEPS contributed to sessions on EU-China relations at the annual Shanghai Forum hosted by the Fudan University; Senior researchers travelling to China consulted the Chinese Mission for potential meetings and outreach during their stay; CEPS cooperated with CIRD where possible.

• Chinese Researcher: CEPS involved a Research Fellow in research specifically on EU-China relations, thereby producing more papers/commentaries on EU-China topics and enabling CEPS to take into account insights written in Chinese language and ensure a balanced and well-founded discussion; CEPS has engaged a new Head of Communications who also speaks Chinese and can participate in briefings with delegations.

• Workshops/events on EU-China relations: designing and conducting a series of workshops on economic relations between China and the EU, e.g. on “Technical Barriers to Trade”, “State-owned Enterprises” or the “Belt and Road Initiative” with European and Chinese experts; Organising 1 to 2 session on China-EU relations during the fifth edition of the CEPS Ideas Lab; Organising a workshop on Chinaʼs development/economy with visiting Chinese delegations; Organisation of a conference or workshop on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Chinaʼs “reform and opening-up” policies. For the workshops, CEPS designs the programme and invites speakers and participants. The Mission recommended Chinese experts for the workshop and took part in the discussions.

• Participation in CEPS events as well as informal and other closed meetings.

Steven Blockmans

Director of Research

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Weinian Hu

Karel Lannoo

Chief Executive Officer

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