CEPS Project

Review of the Lithuanian Deposit Guarantee Scheme


The mission of the Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS) of the European Commission is to provide support for the preparation and implementation of growth-enhancing administrative and structural reforms by mobilising EU funds and technical expertise.
Lithuania has requested support from the European Commission under Regulation (EU) 2017/825 on the establishment of the Structural Reform Support Programme (“SRSP Regulation”).

The aim of this project is to provide technical support to Lithuania in the area of financial sector policies,  to contribute to institutional, administrative and growthsustaining structural reforms in Lithuania, to support the initiatives of national authorities to design their reforms according to their priorities, taking into account initial conditions and expected socioeconomic impacts as well as support their efforts to define and implement appropriate processes and methodologies by taking into account good practices of and lessons learned by other countries in addressing similar situations in line with Article 5 of the SRSP Regulation.


Willem Pieter De Groen

Associate Senior Research Fellow