CEPS Project

ACCIS Membership Survey


The main objective of this project is to conduct a new version of the ACCIS annual Membership Survey.

While the last survey (published in 2017, see here) will serve as a basis for the questions to be asked, adjustments will be made regarding these questions. The objective is to further consider in advance what type of research questions can be answered thanks to the collected data. As such, the drafting of the questionnaire will depend on the types of elements that are really worthwhile exploring for research purposes. As ACCIS Members will be responding to the World Bank questionnaire around February 2020, the purpose will also be to use this specific survey as much as possible, with possible extensions on particular areas of focus. The research team will have to look for synergies between what the World Bank already does and continuity with the existing ACCIS database, for historical / analytical reasons.

The Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers (ACCIS)

Beatriz Pozo

Events and Membership Coordinator and Research Assistant - Financial Markets and Institutions unit

+32 (0)2 229 39 87

Silvia Tadi

Research Assistant