About CEPS

Europe's leading independent think tank

Who we are

Founded in Brussels in 1983, CEPS is a leading think tank and forum for debate on EU affairs, ranking among the top think tanks in Europe.

With an exceptionally strong in-house research capacity and an extensive network of partner institutes throughout the world, CEPS has amply demonstrated its ability to anticipate trends and to analyse policy questions well before they become topics of general discussion. At CEPS, researchers perform policy research on a wide range of policy areas: from the economy and finance to better regulation, the digital economy and trade, as well as energy and climate, education and innovation, foreign policy and the European integration process, or justice and home affairs. The main assets of CEPS are listed as follows:

  • Complete independence to set its own research priorities and freedom from any outside influence;
  • Eminently qualified research team of more than 60 analysts drawn from 23 different countries;
  • Membership in various research networks and institutional settings, comprising research institutes and non-for profit organisations from all over Europe and beyond, to complement and consolidate CEPS’ research expertise and to greatly extend its outreach;
  • An extensive membership base of some 120 Corporate Members and over 100 Institutional Members, which provide expertise and practical experience and act as a sounding board for CEPS policy proposals.

In 2019, CEPS received the HR Excellence in Research award (HRS4R).

What we do

As one of the few think tanks in Brussels covering most European policy areas, we offer exchanges, provide insights on and potential solutions for EU policy-making through:

  • Research projects
  • Research publications
  • Task Forces
  • Regular events such as discussion forums, seminars, workshops
  • Our flagship event Ideas Lab

Data Privacy Policy

Our data privacy policy is available here.

Research Priorities 2023-24

Our Research Priorities 2023-24 are available here.

CEPS Sustainable Diversity Goals

CEPS Sustainable Diversity Goals (CEPS SDGs) aim to improve and celebrate diversity at CEPS and in our research work. Learn more here. 

Our independence

Our institutional independence is rooted in the individual independence of our scholars. CEPS does not take positions on issues. As an organisation, CEPS is committed to:

  • carry out state-of-the-art policy research, addressing the challenges facing Europe;
  • achieve high standards of academic excellence and maintain unqualified independence and impartiality;
  • provide a forum for discussion among all stakeholders in the European policy process;
  • build collaborative networks of researchers, policymakers and other stakeholders across the whole of Europe

For further information about our independence, kindly refer to our Integrity Statement.


CEPS is a non-profit international association under Belgian law (AISBL), governed by its statutes (dated 11 April 2006).

CEPS Board

The CEPS Board is composed of independent personalities with broad research and policy experience, representing their individual views only. The board provides the strategic direction of the organisation and supervises its independence, the work of the management team and the financial performance of the organisation. Click here to view all members of our Board.


A think tank needs the input of and the exchange with all stakeholders in the society – as well as their support. CEPS offers different kinds of membership and attracts small amounts of grants, e.g. from Central Banks. For more information, visit our membership section.


The CEPS’ funding comes from a variety of sources, including corporate and institutional membership fees, research projects, foundation grants and conference fees. More information on our funding and financial basis can be found in our Annual Reports below.


Annual Reports

Official contact information

Our contact info is available here

CEPS awarded Ecolabel accreditation


CEPS is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the 1-star Ecodynamic Organisation Label as of March 2022. It rewards and encourages NGOs and institutions in the public or private sector to take action to reduce the impact of their various activities on the environment. » Learn more