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The largest 50 beneficiaries in each EU Member State of CAP and cohesion funds


Following the Financial Regulation (EU) No 2018/1046 the European Commission has set up a database with information of the recipients of centrally managed funds or under indirect management for third countries. For the funds under shared management the information on the recipients is held by the member states, this includes the direct payments. The absence of a single database with the end or ultimate beneficiaries of the EU funds makes it more difficult to get a complete overview for the EU.

The objective to address the challenges to collect the information on the 50 natural persons benefiting directly or indirectly most from the CAP and cohesion funds in each Member State. CEPS has the capacity to go deeper than the official databases provided by the Commission and the member states, having the necessary access and skills to the Orbis Europe4 company database.

The study will: a) Provide a concrete list of the largest 50 beneficiaries in each EU Member State of CAP and cohesion funds; b) Provide a description and an assessment of the existing system regulating the identification of beneficiaries; c) Assess the systems that have been set up at EU and Member State level to identify receivers and end beneficiaries of funds; d) Assess to what extent individuals are getting funds in several disbursements. Identify the types of companies that receive money and type of ownership; e) Provide an overview of the individual persons receiving funds from several countries and to the extent possible aggregate numbers showing how large sums individuals are receiving in total in the EU; f) Provide an overview of data protection regulations or other regulations; g) Come up with proposals for improvements to the present set of rules and regulations and the existing systems in order to increase transparency and accountability concerning funds being paid out; h) Provide the insights for the establishment of a uniform and standardised IT system for Member States to report information on the final beneficiaries of EU funds in the area of agriculture and structural and cohesion funds.

This project was awarded under the Framework Contract for the provision of external expertise in the field of the EU Budget (n IP/D/ALL/FWC/2020-001) with the European Parliament. The full list of CEPS’ Framework Contracts is available here.

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