CEPS Project

Documenting climate mainstreaming in the EU budget

Making the system more transparent, stringent and comprehensive


The study examines the current methodologies used for tracking climate-related and biodiversity-related expenditure in the EU budget. It identifies strengths and weaknesses of the current methodologies, and examines proposed changes to the methodologies for the 2021-2027 financial perspective. On this basis, it identifies potential objectives for strengthening the tracking mechanisms, and puts forward suggested approaches to meeting those objectives.

This project was awarded under the Framework Contract for the provision of external expertise in the fields of Budgetary Affairs: EU Budget Expenditure (n IP/D/ALL/FWC/2015-001/LOT2) with the European Parliament. The full list of CEPS’ Framework Contracts is available here.

Jorge Núñez Ferrer

Senior Research Fellow

+32 (0)2 229 39 11