CEPS Project


GMO Risk Assessment and Communication of Evidence


The FP7 project GRACE (GMO Risk Assessment and Communication of Evidence) pursued two key research objectives: i) provide comprehensive reviews of the evidence on the health, environmental and socio-economic impacts of GM plants – considering both risks and possible benefits; ii) tested various types of animal feeding trials and alternative in vitro methods in order to determine how suitable they are and what useful scientific information they provide for health risk assessments of GM food and feed. In line with GRACE’s review strategy and objectives, CEPS’s contribution was to conduct thee reviews GMOs or GM food and feed effects on socio-economics in a systematic, transparent and inclusive way, adapting established procedures e.g., from evidence-based medicine (systematic reviews). Based on a stakeholder consultation and on data and study availability, CEPS carried out three systematic review focusing on a specific aspect of the socio-economic impacts of GM plants, namely: i) the impact of the introduction of GM crops on the welfare effects in different countries in comparison to a situation where there are restrictions on GM cultivation; ii) the impact of trade restrictions of GM products in different countries on the competitiveness of different partner countries and corresponding sectors in comparison to a situation where there are no restrictions on GM trade; iii) the impact on GM regulation of different political actors and other drivers in the EU in comparison to the situation in the US. The results of the first two reviews were based on a narrative synthesis and a quantitative meta-analysis to capture several factors that influence impact size of GM cultivation on the welfare of consumers, producers and companies as well as the trade effects with and without GM policy restrictions. The results of the third review was based on systematic map. Several validation workshops with relevant stakeholders were also arranged. The final deliverable was presented in a final GRACE conference.

Kristine Van Herck

Johan F.M. Swinnen

Giulia Meloni