CEPS Project

Identify policy approaches linking circular economy and industrial decarbonisation

Making the case for cross-sector circular economy strategy as a central element of the EU industrial strategy to mitigate CO2


The project addresses the question of how a fresh policy approach linking circular economy and climate change could look in practice. It works through written output (analytical paper, policy brief), a series of workshops and events and outreach activities.

The assignment focuses on policies and practices, i.e. government action to deliver circularity and primary material demand reductions with the overall aim to maintain the living standard of today with much lower primary materials demand.

Starting point is the contribution of circular economy to achieve the climate goals within the context of an economic model that is moving from a linear to a circular one. The project aims at highlighting the benefits, opportunities but also challenges and trade-offs of the circular economy for the different policies (e.g. industry, climate, energy, mobility, environment, agriculture) to make the case for cross-sector circular economy strategy as a central element of the industrial strategy to mitigate CO2 emissions for the new Commission.

It examines the need for high-level EU targets and associated policies and focus on incentives, the enabling framework for business and industry with emphasis on innovation stimulation regulation.

It involves a wide number of stakeholders, e.g. industry at EU and member states level, service providers of circular business models (recycling companies, Platforms, innovative materials producers, etc.), European Commission Directorate-Generals, NGOs (EU-national), European Parliament, MS governments, the research community and other stakeholders.

Christian Egenhofer

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Vasileios Rizos

Research Fellow and Head of Sustainable Resources and Circular Economy

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Julie Bryhn

Monica Alessi

Programme Manager

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Jorge Núñez Ferrer

Senior Research Fellow

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