CEPS Project

Towards a ‘Partnership for shared prosperity’: Challenges and scenarios for future EU-Morocco relations


The key objective of this study, conducted by CEPS for the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES) (Morocco) is to analyse the challenges and scenarios for the envisaged EU-Morocco Privileged Partnership. The research objectives are twofold:

(i) Conduct a perception survey of Morocco’s image within the European Institutions.

(ii) Conduct a prospective study of the balance of power among the political trends present within the EU institutions.

This study is basically modelled on the four structural areas of the new ‘Euro-Moroccan Partnership for Shared Prosperity’ (i.e. an area of convergence of values (Chapter 2); an area of economic convergence and social cohesion (Chapter 3); an area of shared knowledge (Chapter 4) and an area of political consultation and of enhanced cooperation on security (Chapter 5)) and the two horizontal priorities (i.e. cooperation on protection of the environment and the fight against climate change (Chapter 6) and enhanced consultation and balanced cooperation on mobility and migration (Chapter 7)). In addition, one chapter focuses specifically on the new political context within the EU (Chapter 1) and a final Chapter (Chapter 8) will bring together the research results from Chapters 1-7 by formulating overall conclusions and several policy recommendations for future EU-Morocco relations.

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