CEPS Project



The projectspeaks to a cross-section of the Commission’s political priorities for 2019-2024, notably its ‘new push for European Democracy’. To achieve its scientific, education and societal goals, it gathers a global consortium of leading institutions from several Member States (MS) and key international partners of the EU involving 7 European and 4 international degree-awarding Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) alongside 6 well-established non-academic institutions. The project will unpack the normative, institutional and political consequences of the fraying global liberal democratic consensus. This is to result in a better understanding of the nature of the dissensus-driven challenges curtailing the relative effectiveness of EU policy instruments supporting democratic governance. GEM-DIAMOND will assess how the growing dissensus surrounding liberal democracy, both within and beyond Europe, has impacted the effectiveness of EU policy instruments supporting multilateral governance, liberal democracy and the rule of law. These findings in turn will help identify how either adapted EU instruments or innovative democratic practices can contribute to the renewal of European democracy.

European Commission

Steven Blockmans

Director of Research

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