CEPS Project

Potential and Promotion of a New Generation of Renewable Technologies

Framework Contract


As part of a framework contract to provide external expertise on energy and climate change policy, this study provided background information and advice for the European Parliament ITRE Committee on measures and actions to be undertaken in the field of new renewable technologies. It assessed the ripeness of new renewable technologies and their deployment potentials, moreover markets and industry structures as well as barriers were analysed. The policy assessment and recommendations focus on the coherence, effectiveness and efficiency of the current European financing frameworks and the energy regulatory policy. Furthermore, the SET-Plan’s strengths and weaknesses were examined. The study addressed Renewable energy sources and technologies on a broad range: Off-shore wind; photovoltaics, concentrated solar power and bio-energy for production of heating, electricity and next-generation of biofuels, Ocean current, wave and tidal energy and geothermal energy were also included.

Christian Egenhofer

Associate Senior Research Fellow