CEPS Project

ECF Grant on Black Sea wind

To bring the potential of the Black Sea renewable (wind) to the attention of the European Commission


The objectives of this project are:

  1. To bring the potential of the Black Sea renewable (wind) to the attention of the European Commission. To stress the EU dimension, a particular focus in this part will be put on member states Bulgaria and Romania. Development of Black Sea renewables should also be seen as a tool for economic recovery. Projects that can be implemented at short notice are needed, and electricity grids and interconnectors may be among them. Launching an ambitious Black Sea renewables programme will also be a good tool to enhance EU visibility and thereby ‘contain’ or ‘organise’ the influence of non-EU countries in the region.
  2. Based on this, the project will examine the case for a dedicated governance structure somewhat comparable to the North Sea Energy Cooperation, ideally to be somehow connected to North Sea Energy Co-operation. A particular element will be to explore how the governance can be fit into the existing governance structures and frameworks, among them CESEC, Black Sea Synergy or a BEMIP kind of framework.
  3. The project will explore to what extent renewable energy can foster international co- operation among members states, Energy Community countries and with the Russian Federation and Turkey. Following the covid-19 crisis, there will be a focus on economic recovery, possibly also drawing attention to the nexus of renewable energy and industrial development. This may offer possibilities to discuss areas for co-operation, notably with Turkey, which currently is updating its renewable framework.

Monica Alessi

Programme Manager

+32 2 229 39 10

Christian Egenhofer

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Irina Kustova

Research Fellow

Mihnea Catuti

Think basins, not borders

Offshore wind for the wider Black Sea