CEPS Project


Advanced Carbon Capture for steel industries integrated in CCUS Clusters


C4U is a holistic interdisciplinary project addressing all the essential elements required for the optimal integration of CO2 capture in the iron and steel industry as part of the CCUS chain. This spans demonstration of highly efficient CO2 capture technologies at TRL7 designed for optimal integration into an iron and steel plant and detailed consideration of the safety, environmental, societal, policy and business aspects for successful incorporation into the North Sea Port CCUS cluster.

The C4U project aims to achieve four headline research objectives:

 Elevate two CO2 capture technologies, known as DISPLACE and CASOH, from TRL5 to TRL7 & design for optimal integration in the steel industry,

 Analyse the economic, environmental and business impacts and opportunities of applying CCUS in a large-scale (TRL9) steel plant in the North Sea Port industrial cluster,

 Develop and test approaches with stakeholders and end-users to assess and advance societal readiness for CCUS in industrial clusters,

 Ensure that the project’s results are exploited to the full extent and disseminated to relevant stakeholders to facilitate the large-scale rollout of CCUS.

Milan Elkerbout

Research Fellow and Head of the climate policy programme

+32 (0)2 229 39 43

Monica Alessi

Programme Manager

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Christian Egenhofer

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Vasileios Rizos

Research Fellow and Head of Sustainable Resources and Circular Economy

+32 (0)2 229 39 74