CEPS Project

Solar Fuels Research & Invest

Defining and developing the global solar fuel value chain: techno-economic analysis and pathways for sustainable implementation


The general objectives of the study was the assessment of the state of the art of “Converting Sunlight to solar fuels” for use in transport and as storable energy carrier, the analysis and consolidation of respective approaches worldwide and the identification of bottlenecks slowing the development of energy conversion technologies based on the concept of artificial photosynthesis. The detailed objectives of the study are the following:

a) Assess the worldwide state of the art and potential of the scientific and technological development of solar fuels and define full worldwide value chains;

b) Analyze and document national programmes roadmap and value chains for all Mission Innovation countries (also those not specifically participating in the challenge);

c) Develop a technology development roadmap for 2030 and 2050 and a market outlook for 2050 and 2100, respectively;

d) Develop and implement a worldwide communication network for solar fuels in alignment with Mission Innovation Challenge 5 and outreach to public and private financial investors and the general public.

This project was awarded under the Framework service contract for Studies in Support to Research and Innovation Policy in the areas of Renewable Energy, Carbon Capture and Storage and Clean Coal (PP-02161-2014) with the European Commission, DG RTD. The full list of CEPS’ Framework Contracts is available here.

Ada Modzelewska

Felice Simonelli

Associate Senior Research Fellow