CEPS Project

Big Data and B2B platforms

The next big opportunity for Europe


The Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) is conducting the study “Big Data and B2B platforms: the next big opportunity for Europe” whose objectives are to This service contract will focus on these two sectors, with the ultimate objective to promote the supply and uptake of data-driven solutions by European SMEs and thus stimulate innovation, entrepreneurial action and eventually more growth and jobs.
The specific objectives of the project are to:
• enable businesses, notably SMEs to take advantage of the opportunities of big data.
• design and implement two extended pilot projects: one for connected and automated driving; and one for building a pan-European, high-quality, diabetes-related data repository by using the latest technologies and big data breakthroughs.
• promote and stimulate strategic investments in high-impact projects in the aforementioned areas, with a view to unleashing the opportunities stemming from big data for the European industries, notably SMEs, and for the society overall.
• support SME participation in the data economy by identifying barriers and recommending
possible solutions.
Under this study two Pilots will be developed, one for each sector being analysed. The automotive sector’s Pilot will provide an approach regarding cooperative, connected and automated mobility with the introduction and piloting of a ‘Shared Server Solution’. The pilot for the healthcare sector will demonstrate an architecture for fair and equal sharing of health data from different sources and different regions. Four workshops for each sector are planned during the execution of the project. Additionally, as part of the pilots, potential market deficiencies and regulatory barriers will be identified and appropriate measures to support SMEs in participating in that market will be proposed.

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