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Developing an Index of Digital Lifelong Learning Readiness

Changing How Europeans Upgrade Their Skills


The Index of Readiness for Digital Lifelong Learning (IRDLL) is the result of a collaboration between CEPS and Grow with Google. This project was financed by Google, which provided initial app data and assistance in presenting the index results in an attractive and intelligible way. The research was conducted independently by CEPS researchers and national experts selected by CEPS. It arose from long-standing interest of both parties in digitalization of education and labour market and willingness to draw attention on this great opportunity which is currently not utilized sufficiently by Europeans.
It aimes to provide an analysis of the current trends in digitalization of learning in Europe and provide European-level and national-level policy recommendation for improvement.

The report deals with digital learning as a topic – what it is, and what it is good for. It also presents the results of the IRDLL overall and of its individual subcomponents. It contains the main messages that can be distilled for national governments and other stakeholders. The third part of the
report looks at what the EU, at supranational level, is currently doing with regard to digitalisation of learning and draws recommendations for the next European Commission (EC). The last chapter contains 27 individual country sheets to present a reader-friendly summary of key findings for each EU member state (MS).

CEPS developped the methodology for the index, selected and extracted the data to be included in each of the three pillars of the index, as well as designed and run the expert survey for the EU-27.

Sara Baiocco

Research Fellow

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Leonie Westhoff

Associate Researcher

Manon Jacquot

Project Officer

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Miroslav Beblavy

Former member State Secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family in Slovakia

Mehtap Akgüç

Research Fellow

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Zachary Kilhoffer

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Index of Readiness for Digital Lifelong Learning

Changing How Europeans Upgrade Their Skills