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Visualising and measuring the role of industrial relations in addressing gender equality


VIRAGE aims to study how industrial relations and social dialogue can shape progress towards the achievement of gender equality in Europe. Funded by DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, the project is coordinated by the Brussels-based think tank CEPS and implemented in partnership with HIVA – KU Leuven (Belgium), University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Warsaw School of Economics (Poland) and Sapienza – University of Rome (Italy).

Given that gender equality is a multifaceted concept, encompassing many dimensions, VIRAGE considers several aspects of gender equality related to the labour market, such as earnings, work-life balance, occupational or sectoral segregation, discrimination, and sexual harassment at the workplace. VIRAGE provides a comprehensive literature review and a conceptual framework to analyse how industrial relations and social dialogue interact with gender equality in European labour markets. The project undertakes sound quantitative and qualitative analyses, studying the role of industrial relations and social dialogue in fostering gender equality in its multiple dimensions across the EU. It also includes in-depth national case studies for Belgium, Poland, Sweden, and Italy to obtain detailed insights regarding several aspects of gender equality. A comparative analysis of the findings of the national case studies complements the EU level analysis, with the aim to draw policy recommendations to foster gender equality.

Finally, VIRAGE aims to raise awareness on best practices and exchange information on effective industrial relations practices, through the publication of the reports produced by the project, promotional videos on research outcomes and the organisation of workshops with relevant stakeholders at EU and national levels during the project. In the end, a conference in Brussels will present the final results of the project.

This webpage will provide updates on the research outcomes, promotional material, and events of the VIRAGE project.

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Project Officer

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Director of Research

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