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Mercator Dialogue on Migration and Asylum

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01 May 2016 / 31 December 2019

The Mercator Dialogue on Migration and Asylum (MEDAM) is three-year research and consultation project that aims to identify and close the gaps in existing research and to develop research-based solutions for asylum and immigration policies, addressing the most pressing concerns of policy makers from an independent European perspective.

The project articulates research on three main areas:

1. EU asylum and migration policies;
2. the economic and social integration of immigrants and their contribution to EU prosperity;
3. the impact of migration on countries of origin and countries of first asylum.

MEDAM is active at the interface between academic research and policymaking. Besides research, regular dialogue with decision-makers at the national and European levels is a central element of the project work. As well as publishing written analyses and articles in scientific journals, the project findings are to be contributed to the political debate through events involving experts from politics, business, academia and civil society. In this regard, the annual assessment reports played a key role.

Assessment Report 2019 – Rethinking EU migration and asylum policies: Managing immigration jointly with countries of origin and transit

Assessment Report 2018 – Flexible Solidarity: A Comprehensive Strategy for Asylum and Immigration in the EU

Assessment Report 2017 – Sharing Responsibility for Refugees and Expanding Legal Migration 

CEPS Project

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Economic Policy / Jobs and Skills


Mercator Dialogue on Migration and Asylum

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This project was funded by the Stiftung Mercator.
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European University Institute (EUI)
Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW)

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