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New Pathways for Labour Migration: What role for Skills Partnerships in EU migration policy?

CEPS Conference room
Place du Congrès 1 - 1000 Brussels

Participation in this event is exceptionally free of charge. A sandwich lunch will be served from 12.30 onwards.


New Pathways for Labour Migration: What role for Skills Partnerships in EU migration policy?


Irregular migration across the Mediterranean is still high on Europe’s political agenda. Admittedly, there are fewer people attempting to cross, but the current situation may not last.
This half-day conference explores concrete policies in the field of labour migration to reduce incentives for irregular migration, in the medium to long term, and in strengthening cooperation with countries of origin. Specifically, the discussion will focus on skills partnerships between destination and countries of origin and whether they could be an effective tool for the future of EU migration policy vis-à-vis African countries. An international panel will bring experience and knowledge about these two important migratory corridors: the Mexico-US border and the Mediterranean Sea. What can be learned from each other’s experience? Would skill partnerships be effective in managing and spurring development? What role could European institutions have in the process?
Anyone working on international migration, development and cooperation is encouraged to join our panellists in this debate and to contribute to the discussion during the Q&A session.

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Mattia Di Salvo: What role for Skills Partnerships in EU migration policy?

Michael Clemens: What is Migration Regulation?

Mikkel Barslund Mikkel Barslund
Mikkel Barslund

Speakers list
Michael Clemens

Co-Director of Migration, Displacement, and Humanitarian Policy, Center for Global Development

Marta Foresti

Director of Human Mobility Initiative, ODI

Raffaella Greco Tonegutti

Migration and Development Expert, Belgian Development Agency

Alexandra Sá Carvalho

Legal and Policy Officer - Legal Migration and Integration (DG HOME), European Commission

Tilman Nagel

Head of Section Education, TVET & Labour Markets, GIZ