CEPS Project

Poverty and Income Inequality in the Context of the Digital Transformation


The overarching objectives of this study are to both quantitatively estimate the impact of the digital transformation on employment, earnings, poverty and income inequality in the last decade as well as provide an indication of what this impact could be in the coming decade, across all EU Member States and in the EU as a whole. In addition, this study will also examine how digital technologies, which includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), are currently used and could be used by public administrations for improving the delivery and design of social policies as well as how they could be employed to monitor poverty and income inequality. In so doing, the study seeks to provide key insight to the development of the European Commission’s work on addressing poverty and income inequalities in the decade to come.

Cinzia Alcidi

Director of Research

+32 (0)2 229 39 58

Basak Van Hove

Project Officer

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Caterina Astarita

Research Fellow

Leonie Westhoff

Associate Researcher