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Digital Infrastructure

Overcoming Digital Divide in Emerging Economies


The study analyses the experience of China and the EU in bridging the digital divide. It is based on desk research activities. While acknowledging that both China and Europe have undertaken major efforts to reduce socio-economic and geographical disparities by providing network access to ever more citizens, the study found that investing in physical access alone is not sufficient to enhance inclusion in the information society. Public authorities should also adopt corollary policies to spur social and economic cohesion through innovations that enable disadvantaged regions to catch up with more developed urban areas. In this context, the study calls upon governments to promote digital innovation and entrepreneurship, foster coordinated efforts and adapt their educational systems to the changing labour market. The study, co-funded by GIZ, resulted in a research report and a policy paper for the Think 20 Dialogue.

Romain Bosc

Research Assistant

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Felice Simonelli

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Digital Infrastructure

Overcoming the digital divide in China and the European Union

Digital Infrastructure

Overcoming the digital divide in emerging economies