CEPS Project

EU’s Global Leadership in Renewables


The project aims to (i) provide a consistent, comprehensive and transparent understanding of the global RE supply chain; (ii) identify key countries, markets and activities (‘key’: value-added, EU competitiveness and EU socio-economic benefits), and (iii) identify relevant policy options to support EUs objective of global leadership in RE.

The project contains three main work packages.

Work Package 1 focuses on the development and application of a methodology to analyse evaluate, rank and track key countries, key markets, and key activities in the global renewable energy supply chain that have the highest value added for EU socio-economic development. This Package uses the meso-level statistical approach, complemented by consultation of stakeholders through the four workshops.

Work Package 2 aims to verify the methodology and test the results with experts and stakeholders. The main tasks of this package include organisation of four workshops, consultation of Advisory Group, verification with existing literature and testing via a webinar.

Work Package 3, led by CEPS, aims to (i) identify policy options that can support the global competitiveness of the EU renewable energy industry (including existing policies, the European Green Deal and new policies in areas other than energy), and (ii) assess the impacts of the selected policy options on EU industrial competitiveness and socio-economic impacts. To achieve these objectives, the Package will use different methodologies including consultation with stakeholders via workshops and interviews, desk research, development of intervention logic and conducting of impact assessment.

Jaap Jansen

Hien Vu

Associate Researcher

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Felice Simonelli

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Place du Congrès, Brussels, Belgium

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