CEPS Project

A critical analysis of hydrogen pathways in the EU

Is renewable hydrogen a silver bullet for decarbonisation?


The objective of this project is to analyse the compatibility of a simultaneous uptake of renewable hydrogen produced from electrolysis using wind and solar power, as envisioned in the European Commission’s Hydrogen Strategy, and the decarbonisation of the electricity sector using renewable energy sources. To do this, CEPS will analyse different pathways that have been developed in recent reports regarding the uptake of both hydrogen and renewable electricity. CEPS will take stock of different estimations regarding cost reduction possibilities for electrolysers (for different technologies), renewable electricity requirements, sources of renewable electricity and price assumptions, location of electrolysers, load factor for electrolysers, as well as transport and storage options for hydrogen. The purpose is to propose recommendations for how the EU can simultaneously pursue increased electrification, the decarbonisation of the electricity mix, and the development of green hydrogen production, all of which require additional renewable energy capacities.

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Christian Egenhofer

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