CEPS Project


Revitalising the Study of EU market integration in a turbulent age (VISTA)


The purpose of VISTA is to promote and stimulate the academic interest in the EU Single Market. The ways to accomplish this are various : (i) in academic teaching via courses and course profiles, their literature, examples, podcasts, videos ; (ii) in research in attempting to organize in-consortium research on the Single Market, in the hope that a special issue of a learned journal could be ensured (meanwhile, that is happening – a special issue of the Journal of European Integration in 2022); (iii) guest lectures in universities with speakers from within the consortium ; (iv) Policy Papers – usually shorter versions of academic papers with a policy link – to be organized and checked by the 2 thinktanks in the consortium (CEPS and the IAI); (v) research workshops, possibly with guests (e.g. as discussants).

Jean Monnet Erasmus+ Network

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Jacques Pelkmans

Associate Senior Research Fellow

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