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Establishment of FinTech Supportive Environment

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Financial Markets and Institutions

22 March 2019 / 21 December 2019

FinTech are organizations combining innovative business models and technology to enable, enhance and disrupt financial services. The phenomenon of today is the intensity of discovering new technologies, application on the financial market and willingness to use FinTech services. All across the world, governments seek to promote innovation in order to create incentives for the growth of the financial market. The biggest FinTech leaders are Singapore, US and EU (United Kingdom and Poland). The objective of the project is to support the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic to become a global/regional FinTech leader, or stay on track with current developments.

This project was awarded under the Multiple Service Framework Contract with reopening of competition ‘Provision of Consultancy Services for the Development and Implementation of Structural Reforms in EU Member States’ (SRSS/2018/01/FWC/002) with the European Commission, DG REFORM. The full list of CEPS’ Framework Contracts is available here.

CEPS Project

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Financial Markets and Institutions

Establishment of FinTech Supportive Environment

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This project is funded by the European Commission, DG REFORM, and the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic.
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