IPEPS Master Module on EU Policies



The  8-week Master's degree module level is the core activity of the IPEPS project. It takes place in Brussels and offers a comprehensive coverage of EU policy areas:

  • EU macroeconomic governance
  • Regulation and the economics of financial markets
  • Energy Union and climate change
  • EU single market and the four freedoms
  • Decision-making across EU policies

Course format

The module combines frontal lectures with case studies, problem-based learning activities, discussion groups and workshops. The latter is meant to complement traditional teaching with more interactive formats, which ensure participation of students, engagement in the discussion and training of communication abilities.

Activities of this type include:

  • Discussion groups about pre-assigned readings or a topic discussed in a Council meeting or a paper issued by the European Commission
  • Case studies or practical exercises
  • Discussions with experts or policy-makers on a controversial issue
  • Occasional seminars with practitioners from the business sector 
  • Study visits to the EU 
  • An afternoon devoted to the preparation of CVs and mock interviews

Student benefits

  •  In-depth learning and critical thinking on real-life policy issues
  •  Understand EU policies  and the policy-making process
  •  Network of experts and students coming from different European countries
  •  Innovative learning environment


There are two editions planned for the Master’s degree module (in 2017 and 2018). 

Download the brochure here.


CEPS, 1 Place du Congrès, 1000 Brussels

For any enquiries, please contact Veselina Georgieva at veselina.georgieva@ceps.eu

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