CEPS Task Force

Obstacles to European Labour Mobility


CEPS Task Force Report:
A New European Agenda for Labour Mobility
Author: Anna Turmann

Among the big issues facing the EU is the declining working-age population and the effect this decline will have on our economies, businesses and social welfare systems. One way to address this issue is to promote labour mobility throughout the EU. The CEPS-ECHR (European Club for Human Resources) Task Force – chaired by Allan Larsson, former Director-General of DG Employment and Social Affairs – presents its recommendations for a more flexible and secure labour market in this report. As a result of its research, the Task Force calls for 1) focusing the Lisbon review on the resourcing of labour markets, 2) appointing a commissioner for mobility, 3) setting up an annual monitoring process in which leading countries in mobility policies are ‘named and famed’ and 4) strengthening corporate policies for mobility through a business network. Reactions and comments are invited from all interested parties, which will be made available on both the CEPS and ECHR websites.
Date Published: April 2004
Allan Larsson, Chairman, Centre for European Studies, University of Lund, former Minister of Finance of Sweden, former Director General of the Swedish Labour Market Board, former Director General, Directorate General for Employment, European Commission.
1st meeting: 3 Jul 2003
2nd meeting: 12 Sep 2003
3rd meeting: 7 Nov 2003
4th meeting: 22 Jan 2004
5th meeting: 2 Apr 2004

Anna Turmann