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European Investors’ Working Group

The European Investors’ Working Group (EIWG) represents a prestigious panel of industry and market experts created by the European Capital Markets Institute (ECMI) in partnership with CFA Institute Centre to evaluate – from the investors’ perspective – the existing regulatory and supervisory model for European markets and any reform proposals that are pending, or will be proposed, as solutions to the current crisis. This Group represents the interests of many professional and institutional investors, and through them thousands of retail investors across Europe. The composition of the group takes into consideration the aim of representing EU main countries and consists of 14 individuals widely regarded as experts on investments, financial markets and/or financial regulation and supervision, chaired by the former Secretary General of CESR, Fabrice Demarigny.
Fabrice Demarigny Global Head of Capital Markets Activities, Mazars, ECMI Board Member and Former Secretary General of CESR
Carl Bang CEO and Chairman, State Street Global Advisors – France
Alan Brown Group CIO – Schroders
Jean-Pierre Casey Vice President, Product & Technical Compliance, Barclays Wealth
Charles Cronin Head EMEA, CFA Institute Centre for Financial Market Integrity
Gerben Everts Compliance Officer and Senior Counsel, APG
Karel Lanno CEO, ECMI and CEPS
Markus Miederhoff General Counsel Europe, Allianz Global Investors Europe GmbH
David Pitt-Watson Senior Advisor – Hermes, UK
Guillaume Prache Managing Director, EuroInvestors
Ragnhild Wiborg CEO, Wiborg Kapitalförvaltning AB
Martin Manuzi ICAEW
Carlos Angel Lopez Marqués International Affairs, BME – Chair FESE-MiFID Task Force

Through its analysis, recommendations and issuance of a final report (on February 23rd, 2010), the EIWG expects to engage in the current international debate and positively influence the regulatory and supervisory agenda of the new European Commission. The main objective of the Group is: restoring investors’ confidence.

For more information, please contact Diego Valiante, 0032 (0) 222 93 914, diego.valiante@ceps.eu.
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Task Force Report published, download here.

Karel Lannoo

Chief Executive Officer

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Fabrice Demarigny

Jean-Pierre Casey