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CEPS Task Force

Towards Better Use of Credit Reporting in Europe

Organising Unit

Financial Markets and Institutions

12 June 2012 / 25 April 2013

In today’s world, financial and technological innovations are changing the space of information and the increasing use of electronic commerce is creating new demand for credit data and its security. The proposal for data protection regulation adopted by the Commission is therefore intended to provide a solid ground for functioning digital markets and protection for consumers. This is likely to have significant implications for credit reporting, which is an essential element of facilitating responsible access to finance for consumers, one of the main concerns of the policy makers since the breakout of the financial crisis.

CEPS/ECRI proposed to set up a Task Force to discuss the opportunities that the credit reporting in Europe should grab to respond to the challenges that more data is creating and at the same time provide ground for more efficient responsible lending. The Task Force aimed to assess how the policy framework should evolve to support this development. For this purpose, a Task Force report was produced that finds its basis in four meetings of a group comprised of the most important stakeholders in the field of credit reporting, providing recommendations for market participants and policy makers.

CEPS and ECRI engaged both users and subjects of credit data, service providers, policy makers, international experts and academics to contribute to this work towards more efficient and secure EU credit reporting.

Chair: Professor Dr. Dieter Steinbauer, former Executive Board Member of SCHUFA, an expert in the field of credit reporting systems.
Rapporteur: Elina Pyykkö, Researcher, ECRI

1st meeting: 12 June 2012
2nd meeting: 26 September 2012
3rd meeting: 5 December 2012
4th meeting: 25 April 2013

Click here to download the Task Force report: Towards Better Use of Credit Reporting in Europe

Please click here to download the Prospectus and the Registration Form. The Word document version of the registration form can be found here.

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Financial Markets and Institutions

Towards Better Use of Credit Reporting in Europe

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