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CEPS Task Force

Asset Allocation in Europe

What challenges and opportunities lie ahead?

Organising Unit

Financial Markets and Institutions

14 June 2017 / 31 July 2019


In the coming years, asset allocation will be impacted by the changing macroeconomic environment, evolving investor demographics, technology and regulation. The purpose is to contribute to the public debate about the need to facilitate European households’ access to savings products with stable returns over time, and to promote long-term investment across the EU through more capital markets-based financial intermediation.

Detailed information is available on this dedicated webpage.


This Task Force aims to engage a diverse group of stakeholders in a structured dialogue to: 1) identify the factors at macro- and micro- level driving investment decisions; 2) analyse their impact on households/retail investors and on different categories of financial intermediaries; and 3) put forward a list of recommendations to strengthen the long-term savings & investment channel in Europe.

With the new European Parliament and European Commission, it is important to avoid the CMU becoming another legislative scoreboard. The task force report aims to provide a long-term vision for retail & institutional investors as well as supervisors & policy makers.


MEETING 1 – 14 June 2017

FOCUS: 1) short vs long term investment; 2) asset managers

MEETING 2 –  24 October 2017

FOCUS: 3) insurance companies; 4) pension funds

MEETING 3 – 20 March 2018

FOCUS: 5) retail investors; 6) sustainable investment

MEETING 4 –  31 October 2018

FOCUS: Workshop on policy recommendations

CONSULTATION & REVIEW – June to September 2019

FINAL REPORT – October/November 2019


Jean-Pierre Pinatton, Supervisory Board, Oddo BHF


Karel Lannoo, CEO, CEPS

Cosmina Amariei, Researcher, ECMI


Participation is limited to members of the Experts Group, the Task Force, academic/policy/industry observers and selected invitees. The final report will be launched at a public event in Brussels, open to the press, in the presence of high level policymakers and market participants.


Please do not hesitate to contact Cosmina Amariei by email at: cosmina.amariei@ceps.eu or by phone on +32 222 93 955.

CEPS Task Force

Task Force Details

Financial Markets and Institutions

Asset Allocation in Europe

What challenges and opportunities lie ahead?

Cosmina Amariei Cosmina Amariei
Cosmina Amariei
+32 (0)2 229 39 55

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