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CEPS Task Force

The Corporate Tax Regime of the European Company

CEPS Task Force Report:
Corporate Taxation and the European Company Statute
Author: Emrah Arbak, CEPS

Three years after a fiery lift-off, the European Company Statute (ECS) is anything but popular. Although the numbers appear to be improving gradually, only a few companies have actually taken the leap to become certified as a European Company (SE). CEPS’ aim in producing this report, and more generally in initiating a Task Force on the issue, has been to examine the problems that inhibit companies from choosing the ECS as a vehicle for simplifying their structures. Several impediments are suggested as being responsible for this slow process, with fiscal issues singled out for particular attention.
Date Published: 16 Jan 2008
Pages: 32

Alastair Sutton, Partner White & Case

Vieri Ceriani, Bank of Italy

1st meeting 12 June 2007
2nd meeting: 13 Sept 2007
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Financial Markets and Institutions

The Corporate Tax Regime of the European Company

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