Wednesday | 02 Dec 2020
CEPS Task Force

Anti-Money Laundering in the EU

Ensuring effective and efficient cross-border cooperation and mutual trust: Time to get serious


CEPS is launching a new task force on how to achieve progress in the combat against money laundering at EU level. 2019 marks 30 years since the Sommet de l’Arche in Paris established the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to combat money laundering. So where have we come to in Europe and what remains to be done? The major anti-money laundering (AML) issues in Europe can be divided into three distinct areas: governance, risk management and capability. Some consider it is simply a question of reforming the European AML supervisory architecture, but the answer is much more complex and nuanced than that. Money laundering, like climate change and the threats to the natural world, is a truly European issue and needs a truly European response. AML deterrence in Europe does need better governance, but improving the structure of European authorities alone will not keep organised crime lords and other members of the dark economy awake at night unless it is allied to action, commitment and improvements in capability.

CEPS is setting up this Task Force aimed at informing the policy debate on improving measures against money laundering, as it unfolds at the EU and international level. The Task Force will provide a discussion forum for key international experts, stakeholders from EU and national institutions, practitioners and private sector representatives to address money laundering deterrence issues related to the European and international initiatives from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Chair: Eero Heinäluoma, Member of the European Parliament, ECON Committee, and former Minister of Finance and former Deputy Prime Minister of Finland

Rapporteur: Richard Parlour, Principal, Financial Markets Law International

Co-Rapporteur: Karel Lannoo, CEO, CEPS

1st meeting: 23 January 2020

2nd meeting: 20 May 2020

3rd meeting: 23 June 2020

How to join
Download the Prospectus, consult the conditions for participation, fill in the Application Form and return it to Beatriz Pozo at

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