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CEPS Task Force

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

Technology, Governance and Policy Challenges

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01 July 2019 / 31 January 2020

CEPS is launching a Task Force on Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity to bring attention to the market, technical, ethical and governance challenges posed by the intersection of AI and cybersecurity. It will be focused particularly on EU policy, but also looking at developments in other parts of the world .It will be composed of academics, industry players from various sectors, policymakers and civil society. And it will discuss issues such as: the state and evolution of the application of AI in cybersecurity; the debate on the role that AI could play in the dynamics between cyber attackers and defenders; the increasing need for sharing information on threats and how to deal with the vulnerabilities of AI-enabled systems; options for policy experimentation; and possible EU policy measures to ease the adoption of AI in cybersecurity in Europe.

Members of the Scientific Board:

  • Joanna Bryson, Reader (tenured Associate Professor), University of Bath
  • Jean-Marc Rickli, Head of Global Risk and Resilience, Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP)
  • Marc Ph. Stoecklin, Principal Research Scientist and Manager of Cognitiv Cybersecurity Intelligence (CCSI) group, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
  • Mariarosaria Taddeo, Research Fellow (Assistant Professor), Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Task Force Leader: Lorenzo Pupillo, Associate Senior Research Fellow and Head of Cybersecurity@CEPS Initiative


  • Stefano Fantin, legal and policy Researcher, Center for IT and IP Law (CITIP), University of Leuven
  • Afonso Ferreira, Research Director, CNRS, Toulouse institute for Computer Sciences (IRIT)


1st meeting10 September 2019: What is the state of the interplay between AI & Cybersecurity? Stocktaking with experts from various backgrounds. Presentations by the private sector, and the European Commission. Draft agenda

2nd meeting – 29 October 2019: AI for Cybersecurity:
AI empowerments of different actors.
Systems robustness, resilience and response: technological, ethical and governance issues

3rd meeting – 5 December 2019: Cybersecurity for AI:
– AI and better information and real time threat data sharing
– AI and safety (data poisoning, adversarial examples)
– AI misuses vs malicious uses
– AI and the search for undiscovered exploits and vulnerabilities

4th meeting – 22 January 2020. The governance of the interplay between AI and cybersecurity: Ensuring fruitful public-private cooperation and future-proof public policy

5th meeting – 18 February 2020. Finalisation of the report

March 5-6 CEPS IDEAS LAB 2020 – Potential place for the presentation of the Final Report

How to join

Download the Prospectus, consult the conditions for participation, fill in the Application Form and return it to Ada Modzelewska.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lorenzo Pupillo by email at: lorenzo.pupillo@ceps.eu.

CEPS Task Force

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Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

Technology, Governance and Policy Challenges

Lorenzo Pupillo
Lorenzo Pupillo
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