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CEPS Expert Briefing: informal meeting of EU leaders

The French Presidency has convened EU leaders for an informal summit on 10 and 11 March with a significant shift in the substance of the meeting, given Russia’s war on Ukraine. On the agenda: EU enlargement, sovereignty and defence. How to revise the EU’s enlargement process, following the application for EU membership by three DCFTA […]


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: impacts throughout Eastern Europe & responses of the EU

Russia’s invasion – or better called Putin’s – has become a terrible war, with the Ukrainians sustaining impressive resistance against the huge Russian firepower. The outcome at this stage remains totally uncertain. Our webinar on 16 March, organized within the framework of the “3 DCFTAs” Project, CEPS in cooperation with the Eastern Partnership Civil Society […]


PESCO: A Force for Positive Integration in EU Defence

Differentiation, or what some have called the ‘negative starting point’ of integration, has always been the norm in EU defence policy. Driven by both endogenous and exogenous (f)actors, political leaders in the European Council are nevertheless mindful of the need for Member States to cooperate in more structured ways to better protect their citizens against […]