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Climate change, ageing societies and the sustainability promise

Will 2050 mark a turning point in human history when the human population has reached its peak and innovation has allowed us to put fossil fuels and mining in the past? Technology optimists make the case that high-performance products can be made by recycling scrap metal. Will the drive towards climate neutrality ensure prosperity for […]


CEPS Expert Briefing: informal meeting of EU leaders

The French Presidency has convened EU leaders for an informal summit on 10 and 11 March with a significant shift in the substance of the meeting, given Russia’s war on Ukraine. On the agenda: EU enlargement, sovereignty and defence. How to revise the EU’s enlargement process, following the application for EU membership by three DCFTA […]


The Green transition, finance and biodiversity

The urgency to succeed in financing the energy transition and reorienting private capital to sustainable investments requires a comprehensive shift in how the financial system works. The role of major market participants, investors, and policymakers in facilitating this shift is essential. To develop more green and sustainable economic growth, there is a need to: broaden […]