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Climate change, ageing societies and the sustainability promise

Will 2050 mark a turning point in human history when the human population has reached its peak and innovation has allowed us to put fossil fuels and mining in the past? Technology optimists make the case that high-performance products can be made by recycling scrap metal. Will the drive towards climate neutrality ensure prosperity for […]


Is renewable hydrogen a silver bullet for decarbonisation?

Clean hydrogen will offer decarbonisation solutions for sectors where direct electrification would be either technologically impossible or too costly, though future demand should not be overestimated. Hydrogen will most likely be used in hard-to-decarbonise industrial processes, some segments of the transport sector, as well as for long-term energy storage. For hydrogen to contribute to decarbonisation, […]


A tale of two prices

A steep rise in energy prices is currently making news headlines across Europe, with the costs of natural gas and electricity being keenly felt by consumers and industry. Moving away from the news cycle though, the underlying forces at work behind these increases are complex and nuanced. They are also intertwined with the various EU […]


Framing the Circular Economy as an EU recovery opportunity

Recovery from the Covid-19 crisis presents an important and unique opportunity for the EU to accelerate its transition towards a climate-neutral and circular economy. While there is little dispute about the opportunities offered by the funds available for the low-carbon and circular economy, the longer-term impact on Europe’s decarbonisation trajectory will depend on the choices […]