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The Recovery and Resilience Facility: What are we really monitoring with a performance-based approach?

The introduction of milestones and targets to monitor National Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRRPs) has been welcomed as a positive step for the EU budget, a shift away from simple money managing to one focused on achieving policy objectives. But are the milestones and targets (M&Ts)  adequate enough to really monitor the plans’ effective implementation? […]


Implementing the National Recovery and Resilience Plans

As (almost all) national recovery and resilience plans have been approved by the European Commission, and EU funds are being distributed, attention is now moving to the actual implementation of the plans. While funds are being distributed to the Member States at central level, typically to the ministry of finance, the implementation of the plans […]


Framing the Circular Economy as an EU recovery opportunity

Recovery from the Covid-19 crisis presents an important and unique opportunity for the EU to accelerate its transition towards a climate-neutral and circular economy. While there is little dispute about the opportunities offered by the funds available for the low-carbon and circular economy, the longer-term impact on Europe’s decarbonisation trajectory will depend on the choices […]