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Low-carbon technologies and Russian imports

The term ‘strategic autonomy’ denotes the political goal of building a self-reliant EU economy with limited exposure to supply disruptions, like those stemming from the Covid-19 crisis. Securing access to the non-energy minerals required for building a new industrial ecosystem consistent with the EU’s decarbonisation objectives is important to achieving this goal. Rising demand for […]


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: impacts throughout Eastern Europe & responses of the EU

Russia’s invasion – or better called Putin’s – has become a terrible war, with the Ukrainians sustaining impressive resistance against the huge Russian firepower. The outcome at this stage remains totally uncertain. Our webinar on 16 March, organized within the framework of the “3 DCFTAs” Project, CEPS in cooperation with the Eastern Partnership Civil Society […]

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The European Peace Facility

War in Ukraine is now raging towards its third week. We have witnessed hundreds of civilian casualties, the shelling of playschools and hospitals, and the heroic feats of Ukrainian soldiers in the face of sustained and unjustified Russian aggression. These developments, along with a desperate plea by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for military assistance, have […]

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The Maastricht Treaty 30 years on

By manufacturing a crisis over Ukraine, President Putin is testing the West’s resolve and Russia’s place in a post-post-Cold War world. With the costs of preparing for war mounting, the Kremlin will soon be forced to act or scale back. The question is whether Putin will use the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics just as he […]

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It’s time to rethink the EU’s Russia strategy

Anti-regime protests in Belarus and the poisoning of Alexey Navalny have brought EU-Russia relations to their lowest point since the 2013-14 Ukraine crisis. High Representative Josep Borrell’s trip to Moscow last month, aimed at re-establishing common ground, instead led to the expulsion of three European diplomats and a joint press conference in which the EU […]