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Low-carbon technologies and Russian imports

The term ‘strategic autonomy’ denotes the political goal of building a self-reliant EU economy with limited exposure to supply disruptions, like those stemming from the Covid-19 crisis. Securing access to the non-energy minerals required for building a new industrial ecosystem consistent with the EU’s decarbonisation objectives is important to achieving this goal. Rising demand for […]

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Will Putin choose war, death and destruction?

Language, as in the above title, would today be decried by the Kremlin’s propaganda machine as Russophobic hysteria. Tomorrow, it may be a brutal, tragic, objective reality. When it comes to war, all parties must decide where they stand. For Ukrainians it will be to fight, surrender, or flee abroad; for others, the choice is […]

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EU-Russia relations after the Biden-Putin summit

On June 16, as Joe Biden was meeting with Vladimir Putin in Geneva, the European Commission and HRVP Josep Borrell released a Joint Communication on the future of EU-Russia relations. The Communication will serve as the basis for discussions among member states during the European Council meeting this week. The Communication expresses a desire for […]

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It’s time to rethink the EU’s Russia strategy

Anti-regime protests in Belarus and the poisoning of Alexey Navalny have brought EU-Russia relations to their lowest point since the 2013-14 Ukraine crisis. High Representative Josep Borrell’s trip to Moscow last month, aimed at re-establishing common ground, instead led to the expulsion of three European diplomats and a joint press conference in which the EU […]

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EU-Russia relations and Europe’s global profile

Relations between great powers have worsened in recent years, prompting High Representative Josep Borrell to assert that the European Union must learn to “use the language of power”. When it comes to the EU’s relations with Russia in particular, the need for such a language has become evident. Borrell’s trip this week to visit his […]