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The EU and India agree to disagree on Ukraine… and that’s ok

India’s continued economic relationship with Russia spikes fears in the West that India could facilitate the circumnavigation of sanctions against Russia. This is on top of India’s refusal to openly condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine, leaving the EU far from happy. Nevertheless, relations with India are far too important to risk serious deterioration, so […]


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: impacts throughout Eastern Europe & responses of the EU

Russia’s invasion – or better called Putin’s – has become a terrible war, with the Ukrainians sustaining impressive resistance against the huge Russian firepower. The outcome at this stage remains totally uncertain. Our webinar on 16 March, organized within the framework of the “3 DCFTAs” Project, CEPS in cooperation with the Eastern Partnership Civil Society […]

Expert commentaries

Will Putin choose war, death and destruction?

Language, as in the above title, would today be decried by the Kremlin’s propaganda machine as Russophobic hysteria. Tomorrow, it may be a brutal, tragic, objective reality. When it comes to war, all parties must decide where they stand. For Ukrainians it will be to fight, surrender, or flee abroad; for others, the choice is […]