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The EU and India agree to disagree on Ukraine… and that’s ok

India’s continued economic relationship with Russia spikes fears in the West that India could facilitate the circumnavigation of sanctions against Russia. This is on top of India’s refusal to openly condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine, leaving the EU far from happy. Nevertheless, relations with India are far too important to risk serious deterioration, so […]

Expert commentaries

Exit Boris – and what now for the UK and its relations with the EU

We may have to leave it to historians to tell us whether Boris Johnson was the worst British prime minister ever. We do know, however, how many of his policies have been disastrous. Quitting the EU’s single market has been unambiguously negative for the UK. The idea that ‘taking back control’ would liberate and dynamise […]


Why the Ukraine crisis should push the UK and EU into a tighter embrace on security policy

One of the costs of Brexit is the weakened ability of both the UK and the EU to shape a strong joint response to Russia’s threats to pan-European security. In the standoff over Ukraine, the need for close cross-Channel cooperation is particularly acute for any effective sanctions package negotiated with the US. Yet, post-Brexit relations […]