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An EU boost to sustainable corporate governance

There are numerous initiatives to steer corporate decision-making towards the EU’s sustainability objectives. The frontrunner seems to be the ESG movement – the setting of environmental, social and governance standards. Unfortunately, more and more inherent flaws of this approach are coming to light. A far more promising route is the strengthening of corporate governance, and […]


CEPS Expert Briefing: informal meeting of EU leaders

The French Presidency has convened EU leaders for an informal summit on 10 and 11 March with a significant shift in the substance of the meeting, given Russia’s war on Ukraine. On the agenda: EU enlargement, sovereignty and defence. How to revise the EU’s enlargement process, following the application for EU membership by three DCFTA […]


Enterprise Models and the EU agenda

The EU is leading the world with its roadmap for companies – the Sustainable Industry as part of the Green Deal, the EU Climate Target plan for 2030 and the New EU Industrial Strategy. At the same time, in pursuit of these crucial objectives, the Union is heavily dependent on the contribution of the private […]