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The European Chips initiative

  Nobody needs convincing that semiconductors and electronic chips are essential for modern industry and for the green and digital transitions. But this does not necessarily mean that the EU should actively support this sector. Many sectors are important but the cold hard truth is that the state cannot support everyone.Industrial policy means setting priorities. Moreover, […]


Enhancing capital market financing for Europe’s growth companies

If European industry is to thrive, innovative new companies with good business ideas must be able to obtain the finance they need. This may seem obvious, but European SMEs currently rely almost exclusively on banks for their external finance, and these often do not provide the risk capital that innovative companies need. For this type […]


Agriculture and Food: From Farm to Fork

The EU’s agricultural and food systems currently face a number of challenges. Ensuring healthy diets, improving nutrition, enhancing industry sustainability and competitiveness while reducing the environmental and climate impact of agriculture and food production are urgent problems that the EU must tackle in a timely manner. This report aims to identify a number of policy […]


A renewed EU approach for Jobs and Skills

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the European labour markets and led to an acceleration in digitalisation and the adoption of new technology on a larger scale. In addition to this, if the European Green Deal becomes a successful growth strategy, it will set in motion a profound industrial transformation towards a greener economy. Such a […]


Competition Policy and State Aid: Defining a sustainable path for Europe’s recovery

Competition policy has traditionally been considered separate, if not antithetical, to industrial policy. Today, however, competition policy is increasingly becoming an ally of industrial policy and of the transition towards a sustainable economy. The Working Group’s recommendations reflect the discussions on how to simultaneously promote competition, sustainability, and resilience. To achieve the twin goals of […]


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

A more pronounced and strategic European pharmaceutical industry strategy, in all its dimensions, should be the response to the current health crisis the EU – and the world – finds itself in. The EU Commission has reacted in several ways, with the structured dialogue and the pharmaceutical, trade and industrial strategies. But more needs to […]


The Digital Transition

The digital transformation is a key pillar of the new industrial strategy for Europe, with high expectations for its potential to relaunch Europe’s industrial leadership. It is also a key pillar of the ‘twin transition’, which the European Commission adopted as a defining element of its agenda for future sustainable growth. In this respect, the […]


Strategic Value Chains

European industry requires a substantial review of the policies that promote its global competitiveness. The EU industrial system relies on value chains, but in the past few years their structural vulnerabilities have been exposed. Recent global events have exacerbated these further. This report, prepared in the context of the CEPS Industrial Policy Task Force, identifies […]


European Green Deal

If the European Green Deal is going to be a successful growth strategy, it will need to set in motion a profound industrial transformation in line with the EU’s 2050 climate neutrality objective. Transforming industries requires industrial policies. This report, prepared in the context of the CEPS Industrial Policy Task Force, presents 12 recommendations that […]