07 Sep 2021

Agriculture and Food: From Farm to Fork

Towards a Resilient and Sustainable Post-Pandemic Recovery

Working Group Report of the New Industrial Strategy for Europe Task Force

Giulia Meloni / Jane Arroyo / Chiara Del Giovane

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The EU’s agricultural and food systems currently face a number of challenges. Ensuring healthy diets, improving nutrition, enhancing industry sustainability and competitiveness while reducing the environmental and climate impact of agriculture and food production are urgent problems that the EU must tackle in a timely manner.

This report aims to identify a number of policy recommendations for EU policymakers and help them find solutions to improve EU and global agriculture food systems. Specifically, the report focuses on three main challenges for the EU: the reform of the EU’s food and agricultural system, the implementation of the Farm to Fork (F2F) and biodiversity strategies, and the development of new technologies in agriculture.

The recommendations identified in these three areas are the results of three interactive online meetings that hosted several experts in the field and were organised in the context of the CEPS Industrial Policy Task Force. The recommendations suggest policy actions to develop a resilient food production system with a much lower environmental footprint, to produce safe, healthy and nutritious foods in a sustainable manner, and to invest in research and innovation in the agriculture and food systems.