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Disclosure, inducements, and suitability rules for retail investors study

Financial markets, within and beyond the EU internal market, are characterised by their complexity. Consequently, the risk is that consumers make decisions that go against their interests as (potential) private buyers. Instead, their decisions could benefit the suppliers or intermediaries involved in the sale of financial products. Product diversity and how products are presented make […]


Economic Governance Review: What rules for the post-pandemic environment?

  The European Commission has re-launched the Review of the EU Economic Governance Framework, which was suspended after the outbreak of Covid-19.  There are major questions to be answered about the future of the fiscal rules and wider governance. Many proposals to revamp the EU Fiscal Governance Framework have been put forward. Many of them […]


How crisis-proof are financial market infrastructures?

The pandemic has caused unprecedented volatility in the financial markets. The corporate sector has been hit by supply disruptions and weak demand. Amid such turbulence, providers of infrastructure services for financial markets, such as exchanges, clearinghouses, trade depositories and custodians, financial data, and technology providers, are vital to providing robust and stable platforms and operations […]