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Economic Governance Review: What rules for the post-pandemic environment?

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Economic Governance Review: What rules for the post-pandemic environment?



The European Commission has re-launched the Review of the EU Economic Governance Framework, which was suspended after the outbreak of Covid-19.  There are major questions to be answered about the future of the fiscal rules and wider governance.

Many proposals to revamp the EU Fiscal Governance Framework have been put forward. Many of them envisage a more prominent role for the national independent fiscal institutions (IFIs) because of their independence, experience with monitoring fiscal rules and as the cornerstone of ensuring sound domestic fiscal policies.

This event marks the launch of a new paper on EU Fiscal and Economic Governance Review from the Network of EU IFIs. This paper draws on the experiences of IFIs to offer a new perspective on the future the future direction of the rules. The presentation of the paper will be  followed by a panel discussion with key contributors to the debate

The Network EU Independent Fiscal Institutions Network (Network of EU IFIs) secretariat is managed and staffed by CEPS


Cinzia Alcidi Cinzia Alcidi
Cinzia Alcidi

Director of Research

Speakers list
Cinzia Alcidi, (Moderator)

Director of Research of CEPS

Sebastian Barnes,

Deputy Chair of the Network of EU IFIs

Jeroen Dijsselbloem,

Former Chair of the Eurogroup

Xavier Debrun,

Member of the Board, EFB