17 Feb 2014

Towards a Greater Eurasia: Who, why, what and how?

Michael Emerson

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This paper explores (in English with a Russian translation) the case for all of Europe and all of Asia to consider together how to integrate progressively the super-continental landmass that we may call the 'Greater Eurasia'. Such a process is virtually inevitable as the 21st century advances and many Asian countries become advanced economies. The open question, however, is whether European and Asian political leaders might lead this process, rather than remain overwhelmingly preoccupied by their complex and difficult integration processes in Europe and Asia, respectively, and in lesser Eurasian initiatives (such as the Russian objective for a Eurasian Economic Union).     

Michael Emerson is Associate Senior Research Fellow at CEPS.

The author is grateful to the Emerging Market Forum and Sage Journals for permission to reproduce the present article. The final, definitive version of this paper has been published in Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies, January/2014,6/1 by SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd., All rights reserved. Copyright © (2014) Emerging Markets Forum.