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Comparing and assessing recovery and resilience plans

Assessing and comparing national recovery and resilience plans is a particularly difficult exercise. Despite the Commission guidelines on how to draft the plans, these remain largely heterogeneous, hardly comparable and not easily accessible. This study proposes a methodological approach to compare and assess reforms and investments, based on their relevance, effectiveness and coherence, and applies […]


Public investment or fiscal consolidation after Covid-19?

With the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, the debate on fiscal policies and the role of deficits in supporting growth has been completely revamped. Through its unprecedented recovery programme, all EU member states have developed comprehensive Recovery and Resilience plans (NRRPs) that will allow them to positively make use of billions of euros worth of […]

In Brief

How new is the EU’s new agenda for the Mediterranean?

A post pandemic economic recovery? The EU’s joint communication from the EEAS and Commission on a ‘renewed partnership with the southern neighbourhood’, issued in early February, attempts to inject new dynamism into its relations with the region. Many on both sides of the Mediterranean argue that the initiative is badly needed, given the economic and […]