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Cybersecurity@CEPS SUMMIT 2022

We live in unprecedent times characterised by historic challenges, such as the tragic ongoing war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, rapidly rising inflation and the climate emergency. After 24 February, the world order has changed dramatically and increasing uncertainty has come to dominate our everyday lives. Cyberspace, as the backbone of the digital single market […]


Study to support the review of Directive (EU) 2016/1148 concerning measures for a high common level of security of network and information systems across the Union (NIS Directive)

Cybersecurity resilience is a key priority for the protection of critical infrastructure in the European Union, where network and information systems are particularly fragile due to the fragmented nature of national strategies and capabilities. Against this background, the Commission decided to intervene with the creation of an effective European mechanism to foster collaboration and the […]


Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policies in the EU

Vulnerability disclosure has become a key topic of discussion among cybersecurity experts. This is due to growing concerns over vulnerabilities and their possible exploitation, as demonstrated by the impact of Log4Shell’s vulnerability. It is thus crucial that security researchers and ethical hackers are able to constantly scrutinise ICT systems to find misconfigurations and software vulnerabilities […]


Cybersecurity Requirements for ICT Products

In recent years, the EU has undertaken several initiatives with the aim of improving the legislation around product cybersecurity. Nevertheless, the current EU legislative framework seems still to be incomplete in respect to ICT products cybersecurity. Furthermore, evidences suggest that the heterogeneity of ICT products does not allow to aggregate risk profiles per ICT product […]


Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

The benefits of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology are numerous, but so are the challenges it presents. Adopting AI in the realm of cybersecurity could lead to significant problems for society if security and ethical concerns are not properly addressed . CEPS launched a Task Force on Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity in the autumn of 2019, to consider the technical, […]

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Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity

A new CEPS Task Force report proposes concrete policy measures and recommendations to help ease the adoption of AI in cybersecurity and address the security and reliability of AI systems. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually being integrated into the fabric of business and widely deployed across specific applications use cases. Not all sectors are equally […]